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03/08/09 – Y.E. Yang Wins 2009 Honda Classic

01/21/2007 – Team Paraguay Dominates 2007 Women’s World Cup, Win by 7 Strokes

10/22/2006 – Joe Durant Wins 2006 Funai Classic at Disney, Takes 3rd at Tour Championship

12/5/2006 – Mi Hyun Kim Cards 2 LPGA Wins, 8 Top Tens in 2006

11/6/2005 – Bart Bryant Wins 2005 Tour Championship


YE Yang and Tiger Woods on 18

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More Yards, Less EffortGolf Magazine Top 100 Instructors in America

Check out these swing tips from Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor, Brian Mogg

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Here are a few Swing Tips by Brian that appeared in Golf Magazine and Golf.com, see which one might help you….

Brian Mogg January Article

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“Get Serious About Your Game This Winter…”


Turn Your Hips Tight....


How To Stop Fat And Thin Shots
Article from Golf Magazine, December 2008 Issue

Turn your hips into a tight circle to improve contact and consistency…




Y. E. YangNew Game, New Thinking with Y. E. Yang…
From PGATour.com

My swing plane was flat, ball flight was low, with not much spin. But then I was introduced to my current coach, Brian Mogg, based out of Orlando. It was the first time in my golfing career that I had ever worked with a coach.  He didn’t want to change too much, as I was in a middle of a tournament, but pointed out a few things…Read full article from PGATour.com  Yang has made 9 of 10 cuts since starting work with Brian after missing 7 cuts in a row before…


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